2014 Christmas Bird Count Results - Pierre, South Dakota


Assigned Unit: SDPI Date: December 20, 2014      

Total Species CBC Day: 74 Count Week: 3

Names of counters: Charles Backlund, Myrtle Backlund, Bill Bossman, Eileen Dowd Stukel, Glenn Dozark, Kris Dozark, Lorna DuBois, Jerry Graves, Carrol Hanten, Danette Jarzab, Dave Kruger, Ruben Mares, Jerry Meendering, Richard McEntaffer, Kenny Miller, Glenn Moravek, Dave Ode, Noah Olson, Ricky Olson, Marvene Riis, Rex Riis, Phillip Sheffield, Charles Sisk, Scott Stolz, Michelle Stolz, Dan Svingen, and the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks for goose and mallard counts.

Contact information of party representative (phone, email): Ruben Mares, 605-224-5517, rmares@fs.fed.us

Daylight birding: Start time: 8:15am End Time: 5:00pm Total hours (all parties included):

  Miles walked: 26 miles Hours walked: 22 hrs, 45 min Hours feeder watching: 18 hrs

  Miles by car: 722 miles Hours by car: 57 hrs, 15 min

  Nocturnal birding: 4:45am to 7:30am   and   7:00pm to 7:30pm Total hours (all parties included): 6 hrs, 15 min

  Miles by car: 10 miles

  Count Week: Gyrfalcon and Iceland Gull (Scott and Ricky), and Northern Goshawk (Reported by Gon Sanchez)


American Coot (AMCO)


American Goldfinch (AMGO)


American Green-winged Teal (AGWT)


American Kestrel (AMKE)


American Robin (AMRO)


American Tree Sparrow (ATSP)


Bald Eagle (BAEA)-total






Belted Kingfisher (BEKI)


Black-capped Chickadee (BCCH)


Blue Jay (BLJA)


Brown Creeper (BRCR)


Bufflehead (BUFF)


Cackling Goose (CACG)


Canada Goose (CAGO)


Cedar Waxwing (CEDW)


Common Goldeneye (COGO)


Common Merganser (COME)


Common Redpoll (CORE)


Cooper's Hawk (COHA)


Dark-eyed Junco (DEJU)* - total


Gray-headed Junco (GHJU)


Oregon Junco (ORJU)


Slate-colored Junco (SCJU)


White-winged Junco (WWJU)


Downy Woodpecker (DOWO)


Eastern Screech-owl (EASO)


Eurasian Collared Dove (ECDO)


European Starling (EUST)


Ferruginous Hawk (FEHA)


Fox Sparrow (FOSP)


Golden Eagle (GOEA) - total






Golden-crowned Kinglet (GCKI)


Great Blue Heron (GBHE)


Great Horned Owl (GHOW)


Greater Prairie Chicken (GPCH)*


Greater Scaup (GRSC)


Gyrfalcon (GYRF)


Hairy Woodpecker (HAWO)


Herring Gull (HERG)


Hooded Merganser (HOME)


Horned Lark (HOLA)


House Finch (HOFI)


House Sparrow (HOSP)


Iceland Gull (ICGU)


Killdeer (KILL)


Lapland Longspur (LALO)


Lesser Scaup (LESC)


Long-eared Owl (LEOW)


Mallard (MALL)


Merlin (MERL)


Mourning Dove (MODO)


Northern Cardinal (NOCA)


Northern Flicker (NOFL)* - total


Yellow-shafted Flicker (YSFL)


Red-shafted Flicker (RSFL)


Northern Goshawk (NOGO)


Northern Harrier (NOHA)


Northern Pintail (NOPI)


Northern Saw-whet Owl (NSWO)


Northern Shrike (NSHR)


Pine Grosbeak (PIGR)


Pine Siskin (PISI)


Prairie Falcon (PRFA)


Purple Finch (PUFI)


Red-bellied Woodpecker (RBWO)


Red-breasted Nuthatch (RBNU)


Redhead (REDH)


Red-tailed Hawk (RTHA)


Red-winged Blackbird (RWBL)


Ring-billed Gull (RBGU)


Ring-necked Duck (RNDU)


Ring-necked Pheasant (RNEP)*


Rock Pigeon (ROPI)*


Rough-legged Hawk (RLHA)


Sharp-shinned Hawk (SSHA)


Sharp-tailed Grouse (STGR)*


Thayer's Gull (THGU)


Townsend's Solitaire (TOSO)


Western Meadowlark (WEME)


White-breasted Nuthatch (WBNU)


Wild Turkey (WITU)*


Wood Duck (WODU)


Yellow-rumped Warbler (YRWA)*

American Ornithological Union (AOU) Bird Species List.

*Klimkiewicz, Kathleen, and Chandler S. Robbins. Standard

    abbreviations for common names of birds. North American Bird

    Bander 1978, 3:16-25.